I had a complicated set of issues with the IRS requiring the last eight years of my personal and business finances to be re-organised and submitted within a tight timeline. My situation was further complicated by the fact that my personal and business affairs were spread across at least five countries.

The AETS team ably lead by Amanda, worked diligently to get all the records and comply with IRS reporting requirements including ensuring that company accounts organised in other countries were made compliant with US GAAP. The stress levels were quite high but Amanda and her team ensured all deadlines were met and went above and beyond the call of duty. I am extremely grateful to the AETS team for giving me back my “peace of mind” and remain a loyal customer to this day.”

Rajiv (last name withheld by request)

As an American working overseas for many years, I had not realized that one has to file US taxes, irrespective of income levels. Moreover, once I read up on the filing and compliance requirements, especially for back dated filing, I knew there was no way I would be able to navigate through the complicated and burdensome process without the risk of severe penalties.

It was at this point that I engaged the services of AETS (formerly Expat Tax USA) to help get me out of this jam. I found the team to be extremely professional and experts in their field with a personal touch which was a huge sense of relief. Not only did they do all my back taxes and got me compliant, the penalties and back dues were also minimized, with tax refunds for some years.

I would highly recommend the professional and expert services of AETS (Expat Tax USA) to any overseas American looking to stay compliant and for peace of mind in a highly complicated and constantly changing tax code environment.

Farooq Kalim
American Overseas

As an first time expat and owner of a small US company that had no experience with foreign taxation for an expat, I needed to engage a firm that could advise me from all angles. I was lucky enough to find Amanda and her team. With their years of experience they helped guide me through everything I needed to know about being an expat and how to make the proper filings and make me comfortable with all the forms and updates in the taxation and filing codes. For someone who did not have the accounting and taxation portion rolled into their expat package, American Expat was exactly what I was looking for and needed.

Jayson Moy

I turned to AETS after a disastrous tax filing with a US-based CPA required a revised 1040. They worked quickly with me — partially over a weekend — to get the new 1040 prepared and provided expert advice in resolving the situation created by the other CPA. I highly recommend AETS to any US tax filer.

Jenn Wood

“After having filed my taxes late for several years and having paid several penalties, I decided to make a change. On a referral, I called AETS and was assigned to Jayne. This is the first year that my taxes were filed by the 15 April deadline! She was efficient and expedient. Plus, she answered my multitude of questions thoroughly. For the first time since I moved abroad USA taxes did not dominate my thoughts for an entire year!”

Peter S.

“I have been living in Asia for over two decades.  During this time I found that I had inadvertently not been compliant my annual US tax filings.  After meeting Thoa and Jayne, at American Expat Tax Services, they quickly put me at ease by creating a clear and decisive plan.  The efficiency and attention to detail provided to me was second to none.   I remain grateful to know that I have Thoa and her expert team at my side for future annual tax filings.  I recommend their services full-heartedly.”

Jim P.

Amanda has been my advisor and tax accountant for 6 years now and I started using her when I moved to Singapore from the US. Without charging me, she took tons of time help me understand my exposure of relocating and what it would mean for each entity I paid taxes to. She took tons of time to get me comfortable before I even committed to using her. Once I did, her entire team was incredibly thorough and timely in getting me all the information I need. I have since moved back to the US and while my taxes are less complex, I still keep using her just because of the service and rhythm that we have been able to have with Amanda’s team. Highly recommend.

Tarun B.

We have used the AETS team for many years for our Tax and Financial related issues. They have provided excellent service.
Our requirements have varied from Tax Equalization, Individual Tax Issues, and Independent Audits of Company Tax Equalizations. This has even taken place with changes in employers, with excellent facilitation. AETS has also supported many other requirements that have arisen during our overseas assignments and repatriations. I would highly recommend the team and Thoa has continuously provided very personal, timely, and attentive services in her leadership. Thanks for all the support Thoa !

Chris & Margaret Capodanno

“As an American living overseas for over 20 years, I was unaware of the requirement to file U.S. taxes regardless of one’s income level. Navigating through the complicated filing requirements proved to be too overwhelming so I was desperate to find an accountant a with deep understanding of the U.S. tax system. Thankfully, I came across AETS. Attentive and efficient, Thoa and Elizabeth displayed impeccable customer service and professionalism. I would definitely recommend them to any American who needs help with their taxes.”


“I was lucky to find AETS when I moved to Singapore two years ago.  My anxiety disappeared starting with an initial phone call with Thoa.  I am very happy with the level of professionalism and customer service provided.  I felt I was provided with good recommendations and advice regarding tax planning.  I probably will keep using AETS even after I move back to US and would highly recommend AETS to anyone.”

– Sam M.

If memory serves, I have been working with Amanda and her team at American Expat Tax Services for the last eight of my 30+ years of expatriate life in Asia. I have always been thoroughly impressed with their knowledge of the tax rules and feel confident that when they complete my returns they are done in a manner that ensures I pay only the appropriate tax and no more. They are always quick to respond to my queries and pushing me to keep to the necessary deadlines. I would recommend them wholeheartedly to anyone needing help with their taxes!”

Joe H.

I moved to Singapore from the U.S. and was completely overwhelmed by the prospect of having to figure out how to do my taxes. I was very fortunate to get referred to AETS. From the beginning, the process was clear and efficient, plus the accountants were always prompt in following up with any questions. AETS told me exactly what information was needed to compete the return so no time was wasted; they raised exemptions and other particularities that I was not aware of; and they educated me on the whole process and potential concerns to note should my situation change. The return was done promptly and accurately and most importantly I no longer am intimidated or in the dark around filing my return.

Lizzie C.

We have been a client of AETS for a few years now with great satisfaction. They are qualified, informed, professional, and attentive in their work. Very organized to make it client friendly. They are also realistic and flexible to the changing needs of a variety of clients. Knowledgeable, accurate, and creative in the approach to serving the client for the best possible results. If you are interested in a service like this, give them a try.

Rick W.

Although I have lived overseas for many years and have been “fairly diligently” filing every year, I finally ran across an agency that understands the importance of dotting “i’s” and crossing “t’s” especially in the current environment. This was particularly noticeable when it comes to guidance with the FBAR. It’s now an automatic for me, but the first couple years I had to adjust from my previous agents’ relaxed approached. I’m happy to have found someone in AETS that I will be able to work with long term whether I remain overseas or move back to the U.S.

John L.

When I arrived in Singapore, I was desperate for an accountant. AETS was recommended to me and I’ve never considered using another. With AETS you can be sure to receive excellent customer service and a timely tax return at an affordable price. I have no complaints over our 3 year working relationship and would encourage any US person abroad to use AETS.

Adam S.

I’m an American who has lived overseas for more than 20 years. Along the way, I fell behind on my taxes and getting caught up was a great source of stress and fear. AETS has been very responsive and professional from the very beginning, helping to make this difficult situation more manageable. It’s been several years since I took on the task of getting caught up and things are going well. It’s not an exaggeration to say that doing so – and the help of AETS – has improved my quality of life. Jayne in particular has been wonderfully responsive, professional and upbeat.

Dane A.

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