There are too many factors for a “one estimate fits all” approach. Fees generally range between S$1,000 – S$1,800 for an individual tax return but will vary depending on the complexity of your tax profile. State returns, Schedules C, E, Form 8938 and PFIC (Passive Foreign Investment Company) reporting (usually foreign based mutual funds and certain investment linked insurance products not purchased from a US brokerage) carry additional charges. Form 5471 (required for certain U.S. owners of foreign corporate entities) starts at S$1,800.

Tax consultations and research external to a tax filing is S$500/hr (1 Hr minimum).

We pride ourselves on delivering personalized services to each client to help you become more familiar with the stacks of forms you are signing under penalty of perjury. Unlike the big accounting firms or online firms, we will spend the time asking you the right questions and explaining the consequences of certain international transactions that you may be considering, and we can explain how your immigration status or marriage to a foreign national could affect your tax liability. We can also provide a referral to a local attorney to draft a local will or to a U.S. tax attorney in the region if we feel you are in need of their services for a compliance issue or estate planning.

Tax preparation for filers with foreign-earned income is more involved than the average U.S. return. As a result of these complexities, the fees associated with the preparation of these types of returns are generally higher. Our fees reflect the level of experience and expertise of our team. Cutting costs now will often lead to higher costs later, as future preparers attempt to bring you into compliance. We are committed to working with you to ensure you have the peace of mind in knowing your taxes will be properly handled.