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I had a complicated set of issues with the IRS requiring the last eight years of my personal and business finances to be re-organised and submitted within a tight timeline. My situation was further complicated by the fact that my personal and business affairs were spread across at least five countries.

The AETS team ably lead by Amanda, worked diligently to get all the records and comply with IRS reporting requirements including ensuring that company accounts organised in other countries were made compliant with US GAAP. The stress levels were quite high but Amanda and her team ensured all deadlines were met and went above and beyond the call of duty. I am extremely grateful to the AETS team for giving me back my “peace of mind” and remain a loyal customer to this day.

Rajiv (last name withheld by request)

As an American working overseas for many years, I had not realized that one has to file US taxes, irrespective of income levels. Moreover, once I read up on the filing and compliance requirements, especially for back dated filing, I knew there was no way I would be able to navigate through the complicated and burdensome process with the risk of severe penalties.

It was at this point that I engaged the services of AETS (formerly Expat Tax USA) to help get me out of this jam. I found the team to be extremely professional and experts in their field with a personal touch which was a huge sense of relief. Not only did they do all my back taxes and got me compliant, the penalties and back dues were also minimized, with tax refunds for some years.

I would highly recommend the professional and expert services of AETS (Expat Tax USA) to any overseas American looking to stay compliant and for peace of mind in a highly complicated and constantly changing tax code environment.

Farooq Kalim
American Overseas

As an first time expat and owner of a small US company that had no experience with foreign taxation for an expat, I needed to engage a firm that could advise me from all angles. I was lucky enough to find Amanda and her team. With their years of experience they helped guide me through everything I needed to know about being an expat and how to make the proper filings and make me comfortable with all the forms and updates in the taxation and filing codes. For someone who did not have the accounting and taxation portion rolled into their expat package, American Expat was exactly what I was looking for and needed.

Jayson Moy

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